Tips When Selling Your Car

Tips When Selling Your Car

Being Prepared

 Make sure you have the following information for your car on hand when you are about to make your:
- Year
- Make
- Model
- Style (sedan, ute, etc)
- Kilometres
- Engine Size
- Fuel Type
- Rego Expiry

Unless you have a car that will take some time to sell, you should consider getting a roadworth before placing your ad. This is in case you need to have a bit of work done on the car to pass, this way you can include the additional work in your sale price.

Look up what cars similar to yours are selling for and this will give you an idea of what you should be looking at price wise. The more expensive the price the longer it will take to sell, but if you go to low you cannot go up, but a slightly higher price will allow you to come down for the right offer.

Prepare the car by detailing it.
There are allot of websites on cleaning techniques, and use products that will enhance the inside and outside.
If you can, degrease and wash the engine, wheel arches and clean the boot.

Clean Photos

If you can use a high quality camera and make sure the car has a good background. You should consider the suns position and shine on the car, of course the car will be really clean.
Make sure you dont have personal information, address etc in the background of the photo, this way the only people coming to look at the car is the people you know about.
Make sure you take allot of photos showing the outside from all angels, the inside, the engine and boot. Someone who really likes the car will go over and over the photos which will help with you selling it.

Work & History
Put together all the receipts and any history on the car so you have it on hand for inspection.
This includes sales receipt and mechanical history.

You will need to download and print the relevant paperwork for registration change over, look up your states requirements and have them done before hand.
If you can, use the online tool.
When you sell the car make sure you complete the paperwork for your records so if the registration is not changed over you can submit it to main roads.

Download or make a receipt which you will need to provide upon payment, you may also need to have one for a deposit.

Tolls and Insurance
Make sure you cancel your car insurance and your tolls on that car.
Remove the toll tag before sale.
Remind the new buyer that it has no toll pass as if they go through the toll road without it, the car will still be in your name and you will get the fine.

Remove Your Stuff
Dont leave your gear in there until the last minute, a person coming to view your car will never do it when its suits you, (Murphys law), so make sure you have it ready and you are not telling the buyer, "oh it doesnt come with that, thats mine..."

Be Ready
Make sure you keep your phone on hand, there is nothing more annoying in not being about to get on to the seller. Dont take the first offer if its low, wait and see how it goes first, you can always tell the Buyer to call back later.
If someone comes and looks at the car, they will chase you up if they want the car.

Keep an eye out for scams!
They are getting very good at doing it these days, so dont agree to sending money or communicating only via text. Keep up to date with scam watch.

Publisher: Stu
Date Published: Jul 6 2017 2:27PM
Date Edited: Jul 7 2017 1:06PM