Car Sales - Owners Manual

Car Sales - Owners Manual

Its not just another paper or brochure we get while buying the car.

While being overloaded with information, there’s one item of standard equipment lurking in your glovebox that probably wasn’t mentioned at the handover and will possibly never see the light of day your vehicle owner’s manual. 

Many owner’s manuals have more pages than a dictionary, but there’s usually a quick guide, which is essential reading (even for blokes) and several also have an Australian-specific supplement.

Hidden Features

The easiest way of getting to know your new car is to sit behind the wheel and start twirling the dials, pushing the buttons and flicking the switches. Many features will be straight forward to operate, some will take more time to learn, some will lead you to more sub-menus and some will surprise and delight you. And then there are many that will be met with “I didn’t know it had that”, but that’s half the fun of getting a new car in the first place, right?

If the car stops in the middle of the road, it may be due to a very simple or basic reason. Its not a must that something has to be grossly wrong! If the battery terminals get lose or there are sulphur deposits on the terminal, it can leave your car stranded. If you can identify the problem and you have the owners manual in your car, even a simple DIY can take you out of the situation and if you fail, you will get the phone number of the nearest service center for your car.

Even a blown up fuse can be cumbersome at times! Yes, with a blown fuse, a car can be stranded. But, if you know how to change it or where the fuse box is located, you can do it yourself. From the manual, its just a 2 minutes read to locate the spot! Almost every car comes with a few extra fuses in the fuse box for emergency use. So, from the manual, one can make out where they are put and which are the extra fuses. 


When issues on your vehicle arise, you may be tempted to simply approve any repairs a mechanic recommends. Certain parts or issues, however, may be covered by your warranty. You should also check that you do not do anything to void that warranty. If you have trouble deciphering what is or isn’t covered by your warranty, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our technicians.

Warning Lights

When lights that you’ve never seen before light up on your dash, it can be frustrating, and they aren’t all so self-explanatory. Sure, a little oil icon probably means your oil is low, but some lights are more of a mystery. If you find yourself in doubt about what a warning light means, consult your owner’s manual, and then make an appointment with one of our certified mechanics to diagnose the issue.

The bottom line is the owner’s manual is a goldmine of information and lets you enjoy your car to the fullest. Manufacturers put a huge amount of effort and money into each new model, so take the time to get to know your car inside and out.
You’ll enjoy it so much more when you do.

Date Published: Sep 7 2017 9:33AM
Date Edited: Sep 14 2017 10:22AM