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Car Sales - Car Worth

Choosing the Right Price Will Bring a Quick Sale

Setting the right price for a used car can be extremely difficult. Set the right price and you will quickly get the full value of your car. Set it the wrong way and youll wait weeks for a call or e-mail from a buyer.
Here are our top tips to help you sell your car successfully. 

Research the market

Go online and check out car sale websites and search for similar models to compare your car with others that are listed for sale. Is your car in demand? Can you ask for top dollar? Is this the right time to sell it?

Check the Pricing Guides

Try Searching for a realistic car price generator to help assist you on how much your car is worth. There are many car value estimator tools available that offer instant, free online valuations. These tools will give you a free estimation based on your car’s make, model and year.

Consider this

Time to get personal with your vehicle and consider the following:

Age - The age of your vehicle will make the biggest difference to its overall value.

Mileage - The more mileage on your vehicle, the lower the value. A greater car mileage equates to a greater potential for wear and tear. The average vehicle travels 14,000kms per year, so if your car has traveled more than this then its value may be lower than the average.

Condition - Condition refers to your vehicle’s exterior, interior and mechanics. The overall condition of your vehicle plays a large role in determining its market value.
Extras - In built technology and add-ons such as in-built GPS, bull bars and heated seats should all be considered when assessing the value of your car (particularly if they weren’t offered in the standard model).

When you boil it all down, Selling your car doesnt have to be a mine field. By doing your homework and research beforehand you can easily negotiate a better selling price on your car.

Date Published: Sep 7 2017 9:33AM
Date Edited: Sep 7 2017 10:27AM