Car Sales - Preparing To Purchase/ Sell

Car Sales - Preparing To Purchase/ Sell

Buying a new or second-hand car requires a lot of research and preparation. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you through the process and protect yourself.

Shop Around

There is no real "right price" for a used car. Most Private sellers attempt to sell their cars in hope of getting the full amount they spent on the vehicle this normally means the car will sit around for a long period. When selling your car we recommend you be Realistic.

Determining the right price

The value of a used car will depend on the car’s:

  • The age of the car
  • The Model of the car
  • The condition of the car
  • How many Kms The car has traveled

Dont know how much to sell your vehicle for?

Shop around see what others are selling theirs for and try to match without putting yourself out of pocket. 

Obtaining a car history check

By obtaining a full car history check is crucial as you dont know at face value what the cars history is. This such as the car has money owing or it has been stolen are important to know before purchasing your new set of wheels. If the check identifies issues with the car DO NOT proceed with the sale.

Odometer Fraud

Odometer fraud, the winding back of odometers to suggest a vehicle has traveled less distance than it really has, has probably been around since they were first fitted to vehicles. Learn how to spot odometer fraud. It can be extremely hard to tell If the car you are considering purchasing has had its Odometer tampered with the only way you can be fully safe from this is purchasing a brand new car.

Obtaining Proof Of Purchase

When purchasing or selling your new or used car you will need to make a written agreement. The agreement will need to include details such as the name and address of the buyer and the seller, contact phone and email details, the price, a brief description of the vehicle and its registration number, deposit amount, payment method, date of agreement and date of transaction, list of inclusions of the vehicle and any specifics such as things you have agreed to fix or pay for before delivery

Publisher: Changing Cars
Date Published: Jul 13 2017 10:51AM
Date Edited: Sep 7 2017 9:40AM